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Social Media on the Rise - does your policy cover you?

The rise in use of Social Media by employees both personally and professionally presents opportunities for and threats to employers. While Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ can all help enhance the communication lines between your business and other stakeholders, it also possesses a potential risk when being used by your employees.

Employees may engage in the use of Social Media which is not related to work. However, employers may require employees to use Social Media (such as LinkedIn) for business related reasons. It is important to ensure that use of Social Media within the workplace does not create conflicts. Conflicts of interest can include (but is not limited to) disparaging the company and revealing private and confidential information, bullying and harassing other employees and being unproductive by using social media during work hours.

In order to manage the risk, and gain the benefits of Social Media, it is important that businesses consider how restrictive they are with the use of Social Media within the company. This should be communicated through the implementation of a Social Media Policy.

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