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Work Preference Profiling Service

The starting point of building a high performing team is to have the “right people on the right seat” within your business. Too often, we employee staff who have the right skills and attitudes, however, have them working in a position performing activities which they prefer not to do! HR for SmallBiz offers a team building service which determines the work preference of each employee, and aligns these to positions within the business.
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Avoiding an Adverse Action Claim

Adverse action is action that is unlawful due to the reasoning being of a biased or discriminatory nature. The Fair Work Act outlines several actions that are deemed to be adverse. Understanding how to avoid such actions is crucial, as the damage that an adverse action claim against your business can cause extends well beyond the immediate financial impacts.
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Coaching vs Counselling?

Many individuals within organisations are given leadership responsibilities within their roles. Great leaders set themselves apart in numerous ways, one of which is knowing when to coach and when to counsel their team members to better performance. Each practise possesses its own effectiveness when applied, but identifying if a team member requires coaching or counselling is one of the greatest skills a leader will need to develop.
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Commission rules worker’s insubordination was grounds for dismissal

A worker who had made repeated bullying and harassment complaints to his Construction Project Manager, continually refused to comply with his employer’s advice to follow the company’s Grievance and Complaints Policy. As a result, the worker has lost his unfair dismissal claim at the Fair Work Commission.
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Frequently asked questions: Employee or Independent Contractor?

Determining whether an individual is an employee or contractor can be quite difficult. It is important to know whether you are engaging someone as an employee or an independent contractor so you can be sure you are paying the right entitlements. There are several questions that aim to provide a criteria for classifying employees vs contractors in your business.
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