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Using Behavioural Questions in recruitment

Finding the right candidate for your business involves the careful scrutiny of a person’s skills, professional experience and cultural fit within the organisation. Despite several screening mechanisms being applied throughout the selection process, recruiters will still often select the wrong candidates. Asking behavioural based questions within the interview process will provide a much clearer understanding of which candidates will succeed within their role and work harmoniously within the organisations culture.

Behavioural based questions gives an insight into how candidates have acted in specific employment situations in the past, rather than how they might act in the future. The logic being that past behaviour predicts future behaviour. Simply asking closed ‘yes/no’ or traditional questions will not give a true indication of their ability to deliver such outcomes in working situations is presented.
Behaviour questions ask an applicant to give an example of how they behaved in a particular situation in the past and typically start with “Can you give me an example where…….?”

By asking behavioural questions as opposed to traditional questions, you will get a better idea of how a person will behave in a given situation in the future. Here are some examples of behavioural questions that will provide a better understanding of a candidates predicted workplace behaviour;

Traditional Question

Do you get into conflict with work colleagues?

Behavioural Question

Can you give me an example when you came into conflict with a work colleague?

Traditional Question

guess you’re used to making risky decisions?

Behavioural Question

Can you talk me through a time when you had to make a risky decision?

 You can see the effectiveness of behavioural based questions as opposed to traditional questions. You can then dig further with follow up questions such as “What did you learn from that?” or “What would you do differently next time?”

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