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What is a genuine redundancy?

The criteria for what establishes a genuine redundancy can be complex, however, learning how to carry out a lawful redundancy process will not only protect against potential legal claims - and there are several possibilities including unfair dismissal, adverse action, breach of an award or unlawful discrimination - but will also allow things to run more smoothly for all involved.

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Anti-Bullying in the Workplace - The Fair Work Commission's New Regime

The fair work commissions renewed regime for resolving bullying and harassment claims has had pleasing results, confirmed the head of the FWC's anti bullying panel Peter Hampton. The fair work commission's annual review revealed that it had finalised nearly 200 anti-bullying applications in the first six months of the new regime, but upheld only one.

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Fair Work Ruling "Performance Management is not Bullying"

A senior public servant claimed that the performance management methods used by management were of a bullying and harassment nature describing that his manager had told him to "go back to where you came from" and treated him like a "slave".

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Company Awarded $50,000 Damages - Employee Breached Copyright

A software engineer employee breached his employment contract, his equitable duty of confidence, the copyright act and the corporations act when he downloaded more than 390,000 of his employer's files onto a hard drive just before his resignation.

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